Sharp's 32-Inch 4K IGZO Display Is More Exciting Than a Monitor Should Be

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Sharp's new monitor promises to be something special, offering up 4K resolution powered by ultra-thin IGZO technology to make for a ridiculously high-res but sleek display. It's going to be gorgeous. But it comes at a price.


The monitor promises a 32-inch screen packing a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. To save you some math, that works out to be 137 pp pixels per inch—for what that's worth—which should make using it an absolute pleasure. That might not match up to the 220 pixels per inch of the Retina MacBook Pro, but it should look stunning—especially given it's a whopping 32 inches.


What's more, that IGZO technology allows the display to be made just 35mm thick, all-in. So much win in such a small frame. The display is scheduled to go on sale sometime early next year and, if intitial Japanese pricing is anything to go by, it will cost somewhere in the region of $5,500. Still one for the well-paid designers among us, then. [Sharp via Engadget]

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Don't get overexcited too quickly. OS X has the ability to automatically enlarge the text DPI to present it normally on Retina display. When you use this 4K monitor with Windows (or Mac), the fonts will be too small to read.