Shiro SK9151 DECT Skype Phone

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Speaking of Skype, a Singaporian company named Shiro has announced the SK9151 DECT Skype phone. In case you weren't familiar with DECT, it's the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications frequency, which goes on the 1.8GHz band instead of the 2.4GHz, which interferes with WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Skype phone itself works without being connected to your computer, like the Linksys Skype Phone that we reviewed a while back. The Shiro has a base station which charges the phone and and connects to your computer via USB, which then interfaces with the Skype software on your PC. The phone has a 100 number memory and 20 number caller ID. It's also hands free, and lets you walk 50 meters away inside your house—300 if there's no obstructions.


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