Shocking Brains and Revelations on Fringe

Last night on JJ Abrams' series Fringe, we discovered that reanimating the damaged brain in a dead human body is a good way to explore family relationships. There have been hints all season that mad scientist Walter actually built emo son Peter as an experiment, and now thanks to a big old overshare (see clip) we know more about that. Did he really need to use a car battery when he had a giant lab with fancy crap in it? Spoilers ahead! Every episode of Fringe should have a title that sounds like somebody yelled it while playing a videogame online. Last night's "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones" could have been called, "Dude Holy Crap Parasite With Teeth Right in The Chest What the Hell A Reanimated Dead Body!!!" And that would have been awesome. The episode was pure, distilled Fringe mania. One of FBI honcho Broyle's pals is investigating a cargo container mystery involving stuffed pandas when he suddenly falls ill. It could be a heart attack, but actually his heart is being clutched in the jaws of a really fucked up parasite that looks like a cyber-venus flytrap. Now it's a race against time to see if Walter and Peter and Olivia can figure out how to detach the parasite. Turns out the only dude who knows anything about parasite maintenance and removal is one Mr. Jones, a freaky pseudo-terrorist who deals in "scientific progress" instead of illegal weapons. Right now he's in a German jail, presumably for that bad batch of progress he sold to Yahoo! last year. After Olivia acts all tough and kind of sexy at the same time, Jones agrees to give up his parasite info if she'll let him ask his pal Smith one question. Unfortunately, Smith's shady involvement with those stuffed pandas just got him shot in the head. No problem, says Walter, we'll just stick some electrodes on his head, feed his brainwaves into Peter's head, and get the answers we need. Peter will yell the answers into a cell phone, Olivia will tell Jones, and . . . yeah. So after some shenanigans and Peter moaning about being an experiment, they get Jones to relay the question: "Where does the gentleman live?" And after even more shenanigans where Peter writes in those little lines that Woodstock always uses in Peanuts, they figure out that Smith's answer is "Little Hill." And then they get the parasite-stopping serum from Jones, and Olivia returns home from Germany without sleeping with an agent who cooks her dinner (he wasn't really that cute anyway). But then!!! Suspenseful final plot twist OMG WTF!!! It turns out Broyle's pal who had the parasite was a total conspirator with his wife, who acted all ignorant and tearful. They pulled this whole thing just to get Smith to give up the "Little Hill" thing. Now they are mega-conspirators and you'll have to tune in next week to find out more about how Pacey will get over his electro-shock childhood with Dawson and Joey and finally put the moves on Olivia. Frankly, I'm still excited about the idea of secret pseudo-terrorists who participate in a black market of scientific progress. It would explain so much about so many business plans . . .



Is it just me or is this show turning into the most predictable and boring sci-fi show ever?


Random person starts acting crazy, ending with a screaming and bloody A.brain explosion B.eyeball oozing [C.both]

Agent Broyles: (cryptically) The signal goes deeper than you can imagine.

Agent Dunham: Tell me.

Broyles: Really, really deep.

Dunham: How deep?

Broyles: Like, super deep.

Walter: I like to eat chocolate cake on a Tuesday.

Peter: Shut up Walter.

Then they bring the virus infected/ brain dead/ completely dead guy into the lab where Walter spouts pseudo-science technobabble until an FBI raid and a car chase leads to a breakthough/ antivirus/ dead brain reader conclusion.

Throw a joke about the cow in there and you've got a grade A episode of Fringe.