Short film shows off what's left of New York City's Mole People

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Urban explorers from Undercity took their cameras down below and into NYC's century old sewer systems, abandoned subway stations, and inside the Lincoln Tunnel to see the remnants of the society of tunnel folk. Watch what they uncovered.


After dodging trains, security guards, climbing the Williamsburg Bridge, and making us all extremely nervous, Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan have compiled a short of their NYC adventures. "Guerrila historian" Duncan does a pretty excellent job summing up each scenario, so we'll just let him do the explaining:

Hey Discovery Channel, give these fellas their own series, please! For more information check out this feature NPR just did on the duo, or their website, Undercity.


Moby Dick

Asylum has finally released their giant fail whale of a flick, Moby Dick. Starring Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab and Renée O'Connor, it's already been released on DVD, but we missed the trailer. And it's so deliciously terrible, we had to share.

The Big Bang

Here's a odd little gem of a film that we missed. This "neo-noir" detective story starring Antonio Banderas stars just about everyone, including Snoop Dogg. Banderas is a detective hired to find the girlfriend of one Russian Boxer, instead he uncovers a scientists desire to recreate the Big Bang, lots and lots of killing ensues. If you watch this trailer carefully, you can see Banderas outrun an earthquake. No official release date in sight just yet for this one.

Official Synopsis:

A private detective is hired to find a missing stripper but the job turns complicated when everyone he questions ends up dead. From the mean streets of Los Angeles to the desolate desert of New Mexico, Cruz must contend with a brutal Russian Boxer, three brash LAPD detectives, an aged billionaire looking for the Big Bang, and the billionaire's stunningly gorgeous wife. The solution to the mystery will cost ten lives, net $30 million and just might explain - well - everything.


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