Should Cellphones Be Allowed On Airplanes?

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Airbus just got permission from the EASA (the Eurotrash FAA) to allow cellphones on European flights.


Right now, crew can set the devices to silent mode, which amounts to a data-only mode for EV-DO. But the notion of a plane full of yapping business dudes is terrifying, and this doesn't restrict people from using VoIP. Frankly, the only time I am not blogging or thinking about work is on a plane, so I'm not looking forward this.

What do you think?



My buddy was on a flight en route from Kuwait to Philadelphia (en route via Germany, actually on the second leg of his journey back towards the US) when his wife went into labor. He didn't find out about it for... however long the rest of the flight was (12 hours? Somewhere in there) and didn't get any news about anything, because he was on a plane.

Not saying that we should all be chatting about the Gilmore Girls or work (most business types I know LOVE being able to turn off their phones on planes, because it means the boss can't get to them) - but if there's something like that, a family emergency or some sort of important information (death in the family, etc.), then I don't see a reason not to allow cell phone use on planes.

And to agree with several commenters - let the consumer vote with their money.

I fly about once a month (from Hawaii to the East Coast), and I don't see a difference between people chatting on their cell phones and the already annoying people that want to sit next to me and chat, or smell funny, or talk loudly across rows (and to their friends sitting far forward), and the high school kids yelling and acting annoying... everybody on the planes now is ALREADY annoying, I don't see cell phones doing anything to make it worse.