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Should Everyone Be Able to Code?

The U.S. government wants everyone to be able to code, but it's not really clear whether that should be the case or not. Here's what the experts think.


As with all things policy-based, the answer isn't clear. While, now more than ever, there's much benefit in understanding the basics of how the digital world around us works, it's debatable as to whether everyone needs to be able to write an app from scratch. Watch the video, then let us know what you think. [Computerphile]

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Brian Barrett

Whether "everyone needs to be able to write an app from scratch" is zero percent debatable. Of course they don't. It's a nice career option to have but it's no more essential than knowing how to fillet a fish or operate a backhoe. Coding is great but I am so tired of people holding it up as some sort of pillar of civilization.