Showtime buys a TV series about the last hospital on Earth

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Showtime has just greenlit a post-apocalyptic series titled Last H.O.P.E. — which stands for the Last Hospital On Planet Earth.

While very little is known about the project, it is being described as Mad Max meets M.A.S.H. which sounds like a dreamy mash up of genres. Writer David DiGilio, who has been tapped by Disney to pen Tron 3, is the brains behind the post-apocalyptic hospital story.

But that's not the only genre series Showtime is interested in, The Observer is reporting that the premium cable channel's Salman Rushdie series also has a science fiction twist. Rushdie describes The Next People as "a sort of paranoid science-fiction series, people disappearing and being replaced by other people." Although The Observer warns that the show isn't hard science fiction, but still extremely science based.


Pair this with the news that Neil Gaiman's American Gods may be coming to HBO, and the premium channels are looking even more like the place to find amazing genre shows.

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