SideCar is launching a medical marijuana delivery service in San Francisco, hoping the allure of dank bud will help it catch up with more established car-hailing apps like Uber.

People who order weed will get it quickly: SideCar is promising delivery within an hour of dispensary orders. Right now, the limit on orders is one ounce per person, and thereā€™s no set price list.


To keep things legit, SideCar is partnering with Meadow, a startup that helps people order weed online from licensed dispensaries. And anyone who tries to scribble a fake doctorā€™s note on a napkin will probably get turned down, since SideCar developed a new feature to verify that buyers are legally allowed to toke.

There are also limits to who can shuttle all this on-demand weed around. Drivers have to hold medical marijuana cards, and they have to join the collectives growing and selling. All in all, it sounds complicated, but potentially very lucrativeā€” SideCar is so much smaller at this point than Uber and Lyft that it wouldā€™ve never survived if it kept trying to compete as a straight ride-hailing service, but itā€™s much larger and more established than the other weed delivery start-ups.


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