Siemens MiniTek Beams Music To Hearing Aids Over Bluetooth

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If you're hearing impaired and you've already got a wireless hearing aid from Siemens, the company's new matchbook-sized miniTek box will wirelessly beam audio from any Bluetooth device straight to your ear.

In addition to Bluetooth devices, the miniTek can receive audio from gear that uses e2e wireless connections or T-coil systems, and it has a 3.5mm jack for whatever non-wireless equipment you might come across. All in all, you're pretty thoroughly covered.


The miniTek can stream audio for 5 hours or last for a few days as a remote—it has a buttons for controlling volume, answering calls, and so on. If you've already got Siemens hearing devices in yo' ears, it makes perfect sense to put them on double duty. Talk to your hearing specialist for pricing. [Siemens via Wired]