Illustration for article titled Sierra Wirelesss AirCard 402 Is an Interchangeable PC-Card and ExpressCard

If you've ever found yourself on the road where you needed a PC-Card and ExpressCard but only had one in your hand, the AirCard 402 was designed to fit both PC-Card and ExpressCard slots.

With data speeds of up to 3.1Mbps (download) and 1.8Mbps (upload), this card also uses TRU-Locate GPS technology for location based services including local searches and navigation. Although it is not the first two-in-one broadband adapter, it is the first of its kind from Sierra Wireless. It's also durably built with higher file-transfer speeds, and it seems to be the only one without a chunky adapter, giving it a low profile and making you look less geeky. [Product Page via ExpressCard-Info via Engadget]


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