Sign Documents on Your iPhone Through Zosh App

Every time I receive an emailed loan agreement for a product review, the process of signing it becomes a complete pain. I either have to print, sign and scan the document, or paste a signature in Photoshop. No more!

Zosh is a $3 app that allows you to sign attached documents on your iPhone. Basically, you forward the emailed document to Zosh from the iPhone's mail app, then you open the Zosh app to sign it (plus you can add a date and stuff).

Testing the app, the signing process actually work pretty well. Maybe the neatest component of the interface is that the signature line auto tracks your finger, meaning that if your signature goes larger than the iPhone's screen, it'll just pan over.

However, there's one MASSIVE catch. You can only sign PDFs at the moment, not text files like .docs. For me, that's a dealbreaker (ladies), and hopefully one that will be remedied (through simple auto-conversion or something) in later versions. [Zosh]

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I assume they have an image of your signature - but the next question (and I assume the answer is "yes") is whether it is a legally valid electronic signature, and not merely adding an image of your signature to the document. They are two very different things - legally.

It is interesting that the "dealbreaker" for you, Mark, is having it only work with a PDF document. I assume there is a way to convert a Word or other document types to PDF on an iPhone? Never searched for that app before, but that would be a necessary tool, I would think. I can understand Zosh limiting it to a PDF format, especially for legally valid signatures, so there really needs to be an easy way to convert any other item to a PDF from within the iPhone. At least, that is my silly interpretation.