Sign Up for Dish Network, Get a Free Gun

Illustration for article titled Sign Up for Dish Network, Get a Free Gun

In a deal that the southern part of our country would find irresistible, a Radio Shack in Hamilton, Montana is offering a free gun to every customer who signs up with Dish Network. Now I've been offered many things when signing my life away for cable—LCD TV's, phones, iPads—but really? A gun?!


Apparently, the offer is doing really well too. The owner says that business has tripled since he started it and a lot of people have stopped by the store to snap a picture of the sign. Customers who qualify for the deal (they have to pass a background check, after all) can pick between a Hi Point 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shotgun. If you're not the gun toting type, Radio Shack will give you a $50 Pizza Hut Gift Card. I never knew Montana was this wild. [Ravalli Republic via Consumerist]



i suddenly see the murder rates going up due to an increase in satellite sales. Good job Hamilton! good job!