SilverBrook Designing World's Fastest Printer

SilverBrook may be a no-name in the world of tech (they've never released a single product), but all that can change if this baby comes to fruition—it's a super-fast "memjet" printer capable of shooting out two pages per second. Memjet refers to the technology behind the printer, which is a cousin of the inkjet. The difference is that this memjet printer uses a print head that spans the width of a standard-size page. The printer is expected to debut for $200. Smells like vaporware, but I hope it's not.

SilverBrook Research Claims to Have Developed World's Fastest Memjet Printer [GizmoWatch]

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Ink dry time's not necessarily much of an issue. Most of you may be used to HP ink which you can watch dry, but Epson's ink dries in 10 milliseconds. Assuming this company has access to similar technology, dry time's not an issue.

Still, that speed has me skeptical. Since that's a front-feed system, they could easily have loaded all of those pages pre-printed, face down into that tray and just set it to drag them out and drop them on the tray.