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SIM Card Spy Ear Gets Smaller, Scumbags Get Bigger

Illustration for article titled SIM Card Spy Ear Gets Smaller, Scumbags Get Bigger

Like the earlier, larger version, this SIM Card Spy Ear allows users of questionable character to listen in on other people's conversations by dialing their own phone number.


Just slip your SIM card into the device, hide it out of sight, and dial your phone number from another phone. It's that easy—you will hear what's going on in the room from the headset. Sure, there are probably legitimate uses for a device like this—but I'll bet that most of you are not considering them. [Brando via Crunchgear]

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I am certain this is exactly why the CDMA carriers tried to avoid SIM cards for all of these years - they knew it would be used for no-good. Or .. Maybe not.

Listening in on other conversations might be naughty, but for whatever reason it just doesn't excite me in the way that re-programming an ATM machine does.