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SimCity May Be the First Must-Have iPhone Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While there are plenty of apps to help you kill time on your iPhone/iPod touch, there hasn't been a killer app to launch the system as a powerful gaming platform. SimCity may change that.

So far, developer EA has, no pun intended, phoned it in a bit with their iPhone apps. Neither Spore nor Tetris have been anything all that noteworthy, not quite living up to the iPhone's Dreamcast-level hardware. But after Kotaku spent some time with EA's latest big project, SimCity, they had nothing but great things to say about it.


Whatever you do, though, don't go thinking this is SimCity Lite. This mobile version is fully featured, with pre-built cities, accountant recommendations, water pipes, natural disasters, etc. The works.

[Pinching] in as close as you can on the 2D sprites reveals intricate details, such a smoke emitting from towers, or shading alongside the buildings. Overall, a really nice graphical presentation that compares similarly to SimCity 3000.


For their full impressions, hit the link. Otherwise wait until SimCity's release later this month and decide for yourself. [Kotaku]