SimpleTech Duo Pro: 4 Interfaces, 3 Terabytes, 2 Drives, 1 Happy Nerd

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There are plenty of dual-hard-drive outboard storage systems on the market, but SimpleTech's Duo Pro struck me as particularly brimming with awesomeness. It's not a NAS—it's totally local—but you have a choice of USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and 800, and eSATA, which clocks a max transfer speed of 3Gb per second. (That's gigabits, not gigabytes.) You can naturally do RAID 0 or 1, and though the current options are a 1TB total for $280, a 1.5TB total for $420 and a 2TB version for $550, you will be able to choose a 3TB config when the winter winds start to blow. Have a look at the back of this in the photo below the jump. [SimpleTech]