Sinus Congestion Can't Be Worse Than This Sinus Decongestor

If even just the thought of getting a little water up your nose makes you uncomfortable, then this suction-powered sinus decongestor will probably look more like torture to you. If you’re congested, surely this can’t be the best solution.

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Powered by a pair of AA batteries, the irrigator inside this contraption pulls a saline rinse from its upper tank through one of your nostrils, out the other, and then into its lower collection tank which after a couple of treatments must look absolutely horrific.


Apparently, you’re supposed to let this thing run through your sinuses for 20 to 30 seconds whenever you’re feeling stuffed up. That might not sound like a long time, until you count to 30 while imagining someone pouring water into your nostrils. It probably works as advertised, but for $90 I think I’d rather just slather some Vicks on my chest and be done with it.

[Hammacher Schlemmer]

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