Six-Figure Japanese PCs Are Not Even Close to Worth It

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In the proud tradition of putting diamonds or gold on otherwise-uninspiring devices and giving them a ridiculous price tag to get publicity, Japanese company PC Zeus is offering a couple of rich-idiot aimed computers. The first is a PC with a diamond-encrusted platinum case. It sells for $750,400. Too much? Well, there's also a gold case PC available for a much more reasonable $562,800. What about the specs? Do you really care? Whatever, here they are.

■ CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00Ghz [775/F1333/Dual Core] ■ CPU cooler with a standard CPU Cooler ■-VM motherboard ASUS P5KPL MATX (G31) [775/F1333/DDR2-800x2/PEX16x1/Px2] ■ 2048MB memory PC2-5300 [1024Mx2 book]-[667] DDR2 SDRAM ■ VGA card 256MB GeForce 8400GS [PE16] [CRT / DVI / TV] ■ [hard disk] Serial ATA 1000GB inventory review required 7200rpm 8M (1TB) ■ 24 floppy disks-in-1 card reader (+15) Mitsumi FA404MX FDD & USB2.0 (black) ■ optical drive SUPAMARUCHIBURU [SATA Connections (Blu-ray + HD DVD)-LG GGW H20N (black) [BD-R 6x,BD 6x,HD DVD-ROM 3x/SATA] [BD-R 6x, BD 6x, HD DVD-ROM 3x/SATA] ■ ONKYO SE-200PCI [PCI] [24bit/192kHz/7.1ch Output / Envy24HT] ■ keyboard SA0100 Topre Corporation [108 USB key sequence corresponding white Realforce108UH ■ mouse ROJIKURU MX-R [KODORESUREZAMAUSU CHIRUTOHOIRU USB MX Revolution ■ OS Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate OEM version pre-installed equipment without external pre ■ ■ LAN-board 24 inches wide TFT LCD-BK (black) EIZO S2411W WUXGA (1920 × 1200) ■ expensive stereo speakers ONKYO GX-D90 (black) [2/RCA pin] ■ Power (quieter) 620 W Seventeam Silent Energy7 ST-620PAF


[Product Page via Fucked Gaijin]


I'm A Different Bird

What total garbage. Specs are middling at best, and it's fugly, but hey, look! It's shiny and gaudy and will advertise to everybody around you, "I'm riatch, biatch!"