You guuuuuyssss, the World Series is here! You know, that sports things where the two best collections of dudes with sticks hit things and run in circles? Yeah! Here are six tools to help get excited, even if you usually think the national past time's a major yawn.

Lena Blackburne Original Baseball Rubbing Mud

Before every single MLB game ball is so much as handled by a player, it receives a proper massage with Lena Blackburne Original Baseball Rubbing Mud, which is skimmed from the banks of the Delaware River and makes the ball a million times (approximately) less slick. Used since 1950, the fine grain of the mud doesn't scratch the ball and keeps its aerodynamics pure. Obviously your 15 mile-per-hour fastball won't live or die by this mud, but its nice to do as the pros do.$25


A Mansion with Its Own Baseball Diamond

If you build it, debt collectors will come. Building a baseball diamond in your backyard is not the simple undertaking that, say, laying down a basketball court is. Still, any serious World Series junkie needs somewhere to swing a pine stick around after watching the game. If you're really devoted to America's past time, this little ol' house should be totally worth it, right? $4,000,000


Toro Lawn Striper

Okay, okay, maybe I went overboard in suggesting that you buy a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE WITH ITS OWN BASEBALL FIELD. Apologies. Maybe you'll settle with giving your lawn that awesome striping effect most ballparks give their own. And this Toro attachment for lawnmowers is a far, FAR, cheaper alternative.$90Image via Uncrate


MLB at Bat Streaming iOS App

Late night at the office. Ugh. Thankfully we live in 2011 and not 1961, which means you should be able to watch the game from pretty much everywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a screen. Unfortunately the cro-magnon jackasses who run networks want your eyes glued to their station for the championship series, so they're not letting that happen. But If you have an iOS device, you can follow along with play-by-play updates and a radio feed. Better than nothing. $1


Baseball King Magic Ball

I'm going to venture a guess and assume your curveball is as pathetic as your fastball. Lucky for you, there's a specially designed ball that lets you throw all the pitches the pros do, even if you're technically cheating (it uses a special band around the ball). Still though, it's probably worth the dough if you can feel what it's like to throw a Barry Zito's curveball even once.$50

Tom Emanski's Instructional Baseball Videos

Tom Emanski hasn't just produced AAU champions. He's produced BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK AAU CHAMPIONS. Know how they did it? With his set of 9 instructional DVDs. And it's even endorsed by Fred "The Crimedog" McGriff, who I think hit his last home run before DVDs even existed! And I know you're like 36-years-old, but you could totally still have a career in the pros, even if it's a career as a pinch hitter on a Single A club. $140


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