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Now that we know what the Zune can do, let's take a look at how big the Zune actually is compared to the iPod. You may have seen the size comparison before, but not everybody has a latest generation iPod, so here's how the 30GB Zune stacks up to the 5G, 4G, and 3G 30GB iPods. Plus an iPod Nano thrown in for fun.


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The Zune is taller and thicker than the current 30GB iPod, but has the same width. The Zunes didn't feel heavy at all, and was actually pretty nice to hold. As you can see from the graphic, it took Apple a few tries to get the iPod down to 0.43-inches for a 30GB model, whereas the Zune is doing fairly well at 0.58 inches, which about the same as a 4G iPod.

Also, since this Zune is a Toshiba OEM, it's carrying some extra weight. The second generation, in-house Zune, should shape up to be a bit slimmer.


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