Skier Captures Awesome Aerial Footage of His Stunts By Just Throwing His GoPro

Despite what drone makers want you to think, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera-equipped quadcopter to capture awesome aerial footage of your adventures. GoPro sells an $800 drone just for this, but skier Nicolas Vuignier discovered he could get similarly impressive results by just chucking his GoPro camera in the air.

You might remember Vuignier as the skier who recreated The Matrix’s bullet-time effect by swinging his iPhone around his head. This time he modified a GoPro with a tail, using a prototype of the AER accessory we saw last year, so that when thrown wind-resistance would always keep it pointed in the same direction.


Capturing decent footage with this approach was still hit and miss. A 10-day ski adventure yielded only two or three usable shots every day, and the GoPro was always recording at high-speed to produce smooth, watchable slow-mo shots. It meant footage was limited to lower resolutions, but hey—it also saved Vuignier at least $800.


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