Skier Somehow Survives a Terrifying 1,000-foot Tumble Down a Mountain

I don’t know how this is possible (but I am very thankful it is) but immediately after skiier Angel Collinson tumbled 1,000 feet down the side of an Alaskan mountain, she sat up and told everyone that she was going to walk back up the mountain to get her stuff. I mean, how bad ass is that. After being put in the dangerous whirlwind free fall for what seemed like forever (the drop kept going and going and going), she just brushed it off like it was nothing. Incredible.

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Every fall in skiing is different. Some can be bad some not so bad. Just because it is a thousand feet does not in itself make the fall a “bad” fall. The things that cause injury are excessive G’s, hard impacts, equipment getting in the way, and scraping. It is very possible to have a fall where there are no excessive forces, hard impacts, equipment causing injury, or scraping against something, which is likely what happened here. She is lucky as if here fall had been a little different she could have been smacking into the rocks and have suffered severe injuries.