This June, VenMill rolls out Skip-Away, a contraption that repairs scratched CDs and DVDs. Unlike most disc repair devices that use various combinations of either wet or dry sandpaper techniques, this 4.4-pound $250 machine uses a process the company calls OptoClear to first soften up the plastic coating on a disc. Then it physically compresses the surface to make the crooked straight and the rough places plane. The company says it can do that in three minutes, and it has a cleaning mode that's said to accomplish its task in 10 seconds.

Is this worth it?

If you're like us, you're getting far too many unplayable discs from Netflix, but we're thinking a $250 machine is overkill, like trying to kill a mosquito with a nuclear weapon. One thing's for sure, it's got to work better than those noisy and messy sandpaper devices, or else it's certainly not worth the trouble.


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