Skip the Helicopter, You Can Make Awesome Flyover Footage Using Nokia's 3D Maps

A helicopter flyover of a crowded urban city can make for an awesome and dramatic establishing shot in a film. But an expensive one, too, making them impractical for most amateur filmmakers. Or so we assumed until we saw the fantastic flyover footage Paul Wex was able to create using Nokia's Here mapping service, and a hell of a lot of patience.


By painstakingly panning and screenshotting the 3D overhead views of major cities like New York, Chicago, Toronto, Berlin, London, and many others, Wex was able to later assemble incredibly convincing clips that you'd swear came from some expensive helicopter rig. Until you spot the occasional rendering or modelling error. But try and suspend your disbelief for a few moments and just enjoy this for what it is. [Paul Wex Films via Dvice]

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That looks amazingly like Apple's Flyover. Do they use the same dataset?