We're huge fans of Skitch here at Gizmodo—it's the easiest way to quickly illustrate something on an image. And now you can add all the colorful arrows, circles, notes and drawings you want on photos right from your iPhone.

What does it do?

Gives you shapes, arrows, text, and other illustration tools to let you mark up a photo to get your point across fast.


Why do we like it?

First and foremost, it's a straightforward, simple way to demonstrate something on a photo. Waiting for a handyman to come fix a leak in your place? Take a picture, slap a few arrows on it to show where exactly the problem is. Done. But also, it's just fun to Skitch up a pic. And we use it all the time! In fact, the other night I screenshotted an image on Facebook on my phone and emailed it to myself so I could load it to Skitch and point out a guy doing something dumb. Skitch is effective like that. Plus, from the app, you can show your image on Apple TV using Airplay, share to Twitter and email, and upload your Skitches to Evernote. [Cult of Mac]


Download this app for:

The Best:

Easy and fun

The Worst:

There's nothing bad about Skitch!


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