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Skype's had a deal to sell ringtones from Warner Music Group artists like Madonna and Green Day for a few months now, although we've yet to see them pop up on the Skype Store, and so the news that they've also signed a deal with EMI Music Publishing didn't raise our eyebrows any—or at least it didn't until we realized the EMI deal wasn't just for ringtones but for music downloads as well.

What makes the Skype/EMI deal so different from say, the behemoth that is the iTunes Store, is that they've signed a worldwide license instead of a country-by-country arrangement, something that makes it easier for songwriters to get paid. We're thinking one benefit of this for consumers might be the ability to buy music that's been officially released in one country and not another. No talk of price points or launch date yet, so who knows if this'll actually come to anything, but we'll be keeping our ears to the ground.


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