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Skype To Charge in '07, Buy Early For a Discount

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Readers who purchased either the Netgear or Belkin Skype phones should remember that free U.S. and Canada Skypeout calling is only good 'til the end of the year. Starting January '07, you'll have to pay $29.95 for unlimited yearly calling. Pretty cheap, if you compare that your landline or cellphone bill.


Plus, if you order before January 31, 2007, you'll even get a discounted price of $14.95. Heck, even if you're only slightly thinking about buying a Skype phone, you can save $15 by ordering at the discounted rate now and make up your mind later. As always, Skype to Skype calling will still be free.


Product Page [Skype via TechCrunch]

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For anyone considering Skype... it's great. I recently started a new business and needed a dedicated phone number for it. Since I saw several business associates starting to use Skype, I decided to go that route (already have broadband and wireless).

I bought the Netgear phone - it's nice, works great, sounds good. I talk regularly with business partners overseas who use Skpe - free - they love it and it doesn't matter who makes the call :-) This is a huge boon for small businesses where month-to-month phone costs have always been very unpredictable.

$15 for unlimited calling in the US (where most of my business will actually be) is a deal and a a half. I'm not a big "phone guy", but since my business demands a lot of phone conversations it might as well be cheap. Even I can budget $15.