Sleeping Bag Case Lets Your iPad Enjoy the Great Outdoors

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You wouldn't bring your kids camping without the right equipment, so why would you even consider bringing your iPad without the right gear? After all, you spend so much more time with it, surely it deserves this CampFire sleeping bag case.

Your iPad 2, or new iPad, snaps into a plastic housing which is backed with a padded cushion letting you prop it up in any position. But an adjustable drawstring also lets you open up the cushion and flip it inside out so the $60 CampFire case surrounds and protects the iPad instead of supporting it.


There's no word on whether the case will protect it from bears, so you'll probably want to leave your passcode turned on just in case. After all, if they can easily access a pic-a-nic basket, they can just as easily circumvent your iPad's slide-to-unlock protection. [X-Doria via Ubergizmo]