Sleeping Bag With a Built-In Headlight Will Make Midnight Bathroom Hunts a Lot Easier

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Sure, the lack of streetlights and glow of the city makes stargazing spectacular in the great outdoors. But it also makes finding the bathroom a real challenge when you wake up in the middle of the night inside a completely dark tent.

And since flashlights often get kicked around and lost during your slumber, a company called Snugpak has created a sleeping bag with an LED flashlight built into the hood. So when you wake up in a dark daze, you'll always know where to reach for a bit of light. You know, instead of flying into a panic because you can't figure out where the tent door is. The Chrysalis bag is available in five different versions for varying levels of cold temps, ranging in price from around $90 to $160 depending on how warm and snug you need to be. [Snugpak via Outdoors Magic]