Smart Lid For Dumb Coffee Lovers

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My 9-month-old son has one of these sippy cups that changes color to tell me when his milk is too warm. And now with SmartLid technology we can all be treated like infants! The Lid is brown when it's off the cup. When it goes on a hot drink, it turns red. (Red means danger boys and girls.) As the drink cools down, it then changes back to brown. It only costs one cent for this lid upgrade, according to Smart Lid Systems.

Inventor Nick Bayss had this to say,

There were two ways people got burned with hot coffee. The first is that they underestimated the temperature of the coffee. The second, and probably the greatest cause of serious scalding, was when the lid was not put on the takeaway cup correctly.


So what if the lid is brown because it's not on correctly, couldn't you then assume that it's actually just cool?? That's one for ya Nick! Although I guess the hot steam coming through the unsecured lid would probably alert you, unless you are a 9-month-old.

Hot Lids a Very Cool Idea [Gizmag]

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