Smarthome Solar Security Camera: Zero-Wire Surveilance

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It isn't as fancy as an IP based camera from D-Link. But this security camera keeps an eye on your property, using only power from the sun. The solar driven device only transmits A/V when it senses movement (up to 26 feet away.) Its video stream transmits over the crowded 2.4Ghz range, which means it might bite into your WiFi network, or receive interference from your microwave. And its receiver only has basic A/V outputs, you might want to get a time-lapse VCR to catch the action. But with zero wires and a 250-foot range, you can set this thing up right next to a hot neighbor's bathroom window...or, um, in your backyard.

Smarthome Solar Security Camera [via sci fi tech]

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most tv tuners have rca plugs