Smartphones Turn These Masks Into Incredible Animated Halloween Costumes

Proving that sometimes all it takes is a popular YouTube video to kickstart a successful business, Mark Rober, the guy who made the gaping hole in your gut costume using two iPads a few years ago, is back with even more easy but impressive costume ideas. And that includes a line of Halloween masks that come to life with nothing but a smartphone running a free app.


Last year the Digital Dudz line was improved with shirts featuring built-in velcro pockets that made it easy to insert a smartphone to bring the tee's design to life. This year the pockets have been re-engineered to accept today's larger more full-figured smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus, and Marvel has given the thumbs up for a couple of Iron Man and Captain America designs that comic book fans are sure to go nuts over.

But it's the addition of a line of rubber Halloween masks with animated features courtesy of your smartphone that should have the masses scrapping their stupid half-finished bent iPhone costumes.

Ranging in price from $45 to $60 with a free accompanying app, the masks are a relatively inexpensive way to get yourself a decent Halloween getup before October 31 rolls around. You can even wear them with t-shirts and jeans because people will be too transfixed on the masks' awesome animated features—like roaming eyeballs, beating brains, or cyborg upgrades—to care what else you've got on. They're perfect for grownups who still have a soft spot for Halloween, but don't want people to know they just threw a costume together at the last minute. [Digital Dudz]


Brings a whole new meaning to iPhone.