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Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse For Tablet PCs: Forget Those Annoying Pens

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You have already seen the Swiftpoint Slider Mouse, a device that effectively makes your keyboard into one giant mousepad, and now we learn that there is a similar device made primarily for tablet PCs and multi-touch tabletop surfaces. Besides being pointier and cooler looking than the Slider, the Triped aims to "remove barriers to the growth of the Tablet PC market" by eliminating one of its major drawbacks—the pen.

Basically, the Triped combines the mouse, the touchpad, and the digitizer pen into one ergonomic device. That having been said, its main advantage over the traditional pen is in the area of text entry. According to the product page, the combination of mouse and pen functions, with improved document navigation would make it a better choice. Unfortunately, we won't know if these claims hold water until the device is picked up by a manufacturer—but something tells me that will probably happen fairly soon. [Simtrix via]