This week's set of Android apps have a little something for everyone. Whether you're the creative type, a little bit of a space cadet (it's ok—we all are sometimes), or texting fiend looking for a better way to get the message across, we've got you covered. It's been a long week, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the best apps Android has to offer.


SMS Alarm: Regardless of how tightly and/or desperately you cling to your phone, there comes a time in every person's life when he or she realizes that they have absolutely no idea where they last put down their Precious. Then the panic attack hits. Fortunately for Android users, SMS Alarm can end the frantic search almost immediately—even if your phone is set to silent. This is a problem that everyone's struggled with, and the app offers a simple, highly effective solution to this universal ill. Plus, it's free, so you've got nothing to lose—literally. [Free]

Video for Instagram: Although not an entirely new app, Facebook did finally unveil their Vine-like competitor this week by adding video to the phenomenally popular Instagram. Essentially, you have a maximum of 15 seconds to work with, and the shortest your clips can be is three seconds. The video plays once and then pauses itself; it autoplays when you pause to look at it in the stream, and can be replayed by tapping on it. Audio is on by default. Instagram for Video seems pretty smart. Photos and videos built into the same feed mean you don't have to remember to look at another app. Fifteen seconds is just long enough to sing happy birthday. And filters? Who doesn't like filters! [Free]


Fleksy: It may still be in beta, and you may only be able to download the app after becoming a Google+ community beta tester, but to finally have access to this wonderful predictive touch keyboard that's already been available for iOS—it's worth it. You get two keyboard options (QWERTY either with keyboard or without) which you're free to swipe on and off. Corrections are made using simple gestures, and though it takes some practice—you're eventually free to type like a seemingly illiterate madman while still producing coherent thoughts. [Free]

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