Smuggling Cell Phones Into a Prison with a Toy RC Helicopter Is a Great Idea...If You Don't Crash

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We've seen a million and one clever ways to smuggle a cell phone into a prison before. Hidden inside buttholes, baked into bread and even shot over with a bow and arrow but flying in a phone with a RC helicopter into the prison might be the most tech savvy way yet. Too bad it crashed.

The crashed RC helicopter incident happened in a prison in Ratchaburi, Thailand. This wasn't no ordinary drop either, there was $84,000 worth of goods—seven phones, four satellite phones, multiple SIM cards, eight batteries, three phone screens, etc.—hidden inside the package. Police say that the stash could've demanded up to $320,000 inside the prison.


Officials have no idea who the RC helicopter was intended for or who was operating the toy chopper but I'm sure some kingpin inside the walls is having a worse Monday than you (though I guess they're in prison so it's never a good Monday). Next time, make sure to get a capable remote controller handler if you're moving that much goods jailbirds! [Asia One via UberGizmo, Image Credit: Kletr/Shutterstock]