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Stopping by CNBC earlier today, SnapChat's CEO Evan Spiegel made the vague semi-announcement that the notorious tween sexting app is currently experimenting with "this really awesome new ad format." Whatever that means.


As with any hyper-popular app, the move to paid advertising was inevitable, but given SnapChat's self described focus on "ephemeral media," it's hard to imagine an ad-inclusive scenario that actually works. The most obvious as well as obnoxious solution would have companies sending you ads in the form of otherwise normal—if perhaps more innocent—SnapChat pics.


Because if you're wistfully hoping that the ads might be of the meeting-hot-singles-in-your-area variety, you're wrong. Spiegel does NOT want you using his app to send pics of your danger zone all over the country. Saying on CNBC:

SnapChat is not a great way to send inappropriate content because any photo that I send to you can be saved by taking a screenshot or by taking a photo with another camera. So it's not a great way to send inappropriate photos.

So for Spiegel's sake, let's hope the Fanta girls can keep it tasteful. [CNBC]

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