Snapchat Introduces New Feature to Remind You That It Actually Saves Everything

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Image: Getty

Today, Snapchat introduced a new feature called Memories, which allows users to save their Snaps or Stories within the Snapchat app and its servers. Remember, kids: Even the most famous ephemeral app in the world is keeping track of what you do!


The feature, which is “rolling out selectively over the next month or so,” is accessible by swiping up from the camera screen in the app. There, you’ll be able to search through your own archives of saved photos.

You’ll also be able to string together new stories from Snaps you’ve already taken and combine individual Stories for a “longer narrative,” which is big departure from the way things work now. Memories will also allow users to send Snaps in their archive to friends, as well as post them to their Stories.

Currently, users can save Snaps, but they’re saved to the camera roll, not to the app itself. Snapchat is also assuring users that they can move their saved Snaps to a user-only viewable version, meaning those naughty photos you want to save are theoretically safe. But still, Snapchat just got a hell of a lot less ephemeral.

Given Snapchat’s reputation as the disappearing photo app—perfect for sexting!—this new feature is quite a big shift in strategy. It’s also a good reminder that on the internet, everything is forever!

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C.T. Rex Pope

This feature was probably requested by companies who are trying to be “cool” on the ephemeral app. What’s the point in paying some 20 year old social media expert, if their wonderful snap dies in 24 hours?