Snapchat Will Now Sell You Replays for $1

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If you like spending money and looking ridiculous, you’re going to love today’s Snapchat updates. The ephemeral messaging service now offers the option of being a little less ephemeral. For a penny shy of $1 you can buy three extra replays for a message. You can also take weirder selfies.


The new “Replay” feature always seemed inevitable. Part of the fun—and frustration—of Snapchat is that you could only replay one snap per day. After that, they were gone forever. (Except for when they weren’t.) Snapchat is now offering U.S. users the ability to pay $0.99 for an additional three replays, and yes, the company knows that’s ridiculous. The announcement blog post reads:

They’re a little pricey — but time is money! ;)

Then comes the free stuff. New Snapchat “Lenses” enable you to add fun new effects to snaps. You can make yourself look like a cyborg or a rainbow-barfer, among other things, when you’re in selfie mode. If you do enough crazy crap, Snapchat will also give you emoji-shaped “Trophies” that seem pretty useless. But at least they’re free!


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$1 to see a nude again. Brilliant.