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Snapture Improves the iPhone's Camera With Digital Zoom, Burst Shooting and Auto-Rotation

Illustration for article titled Snapture Improves the iPhones Camera With Digital Zoom, Burst Shooting and Auto-Rotation

The lack of extraneous features on the iPhone's Camera app is great for most people, but heavy-duty cameraphone aficionados want to be able to adjust stuff like digital zoom, greyscale, auto-rotation and burst mode. Snapture is the solution. If you've got a jailbroken phone just install the app from's Utilities section and you'll be able to do all the things we listed above, plus even silence the shutter sound without having to silence the entire phone in case you want to take some "covert" pictures. [Snapture via Wired]


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Why is it that only people with iPhones deem their built-in camera's worthy to take pictures?

I never see people seriously taking a picture with _any_ mobile phone except iPhones.