SNIF Tag Social Networking Lets Your Dog Get in on the Action

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If you’re a devoted dog lover and have ever created a Facebook profile for your loyal companion (and I hope for your sake that you haven’t), SNIF Tag offers you the chance for beloved Fido to get in on the action. Just for $299, the SNIF Tag clips on to your pet’s collar and picks up interactions with other SNIF-enabled doggies, allowing you to meet other fellow dog enthusiasts. The tag then uploads all the information to a SNIF profile and shares it with other SNIF owners at home. I know dogs are great for meeting chicks and all, but you might seriously want to rethink that introduction. “Hi, my name is Joe, and my friend feed told me yesterday Kujo sniffed Princess’ butt. I saw on her profile she was in heat too?” [SNIF Tag via Core77]