Illustration for article titled SNL Rips Zuckerberg, HuffPo, and Netflix Real Good

Hulu just dropped a nice little (unaired) gem from SNL, parodying the recent Charlie Rose roundtable tribute to Steve Jobs. But rather than tastelessly poking fun at Jobs, the "guests" are the ones ripped—and for good reason!


OK, maybe Andy Samberg's Zuckeberg schtick is a little worn at this point—especially after Zuckerberg recently paid him to do the act at Facebook's F8 conference. And Qwikster jokes ran themselves into the ground within hours of Qwikster's existence.

But will it ever get old to laugh at Netflix, Facebook, Arianna Huffington, and probable Sith Lord Rupert Murdoch? Of course not! I can see why this didn't get aired—a little too, oh I don't know, tech bloggy, but there's a good chance you'll laugh. If not, I'm sorry I made you sit through the Geico commercial. [Hulu via 9to5Mac]

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