Snooki's Cellphone Gets Hacked, Naked Pictures Get Leaked, Eyeballs Get Hurt

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Someone has allegedly hacked into the cellphone of the beautiful Snooki, the elegant lady who is the beacon of good taste and faithful love in a show called Jersey Shore, the epitome of modern American values. Surprisingly enough, the hacker found naked pictures of her, which obviously were taken by coercion.

Apparently, the hacker also got into some Angelina Pivarnick, apparently a former cast-member of the show. I don't know who she is, but why would anyone do anything like this against these fine ladies? Poor Snooki. I feel your pain, Angelina. Deep in my eyes and genitalia.

This article brings much love. [Egotastic]

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She might be cute but lets face it, she a total hoe. Y is everybody going up on this? I mean really how is this shameful, shameful is what she is every minute of her life. I watched 5 minutes of the show and lets face it, she is nothing more then crap. Is like looking at a porn star that takes it up the bu!! from 10 guys at a time and saying poor her because her cellphone got hack and there is a picture of her in the shower. I mean really, it was not poor her when she was in bed with every other guy she ran into. People that have no self respect should never deserve respect. Well im done, guess i made my point. O yea if you try to take her side, you just a douchebag.