So Here's Trump as a Giant Robot Blowing Up the Entire Goddamn Earth

“What would a Trump presidency look like?” many of us have been wondering, in decreasingly hypothetical terms. Now, in all its bubblegum-tinted glory, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if elected, Donald J. Trump will pilot an enormous mecha in his likeness, use it to construct his long-threatened wall, and then destroy both the wall and the planet it was built on with a sweet-as-hell laser blast.

Yes this video is wonderfully weird (and holy shit, check out those production values) but it was not created in a vacuum. Unless you’re counting the vacuum of space, where this video, and Democracy as we know it, both end. Mike Diva has also created a number of Vaporwave-inspired videos, as well as the excellent short film GRRL SCOUTS, which you ought to stuff into your brain at your earliest convenience.


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