So What's the Real Final Version of Snow Leopard?

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So what is the build number of the final version of Snow Leopard shipping in boxes next week? Is it 10A432, as had been widely speculated? Or is it this new-fangled 10A435 some people have been talking about?


Looking at the history of OS X releases, final builds, and rumors about final builds, ZDNet concludes the version in the box is gonna be 10A432, what everybody thought was the gold master in the first place. Historically, the pattern's been that after the gold master is known, a rumor pops up about an even newer build—like with Tiger, the GM was 8A428, but rumors pegged the fresher 8A432 as final. 8A428 was in the box.

In other words, expect the 10A432 build when you crack that box (or download) open. [ZDNet]