SOBEaR Is the Perfect Gift for Sorority Girls Who Don't Know Their Limits

Illustration for article titled SOBEaR Is the Perfect Gift for Sorority Girls Who Dont Know Their Limits

Touted as a responsible robot bartender, SOBEaR is a DIY teddy bear with a built-in breathalyzer that'll only dispense liquor depending on how drunk you are.

In order to put him to work, patrons must press the "breathe + pour" button on his foot, which will then prompt the user to blow into his face. Using LED lights as a visual scale, SOBEaR will then determine how wasted—or sober—you are, and will then proceed to pour your drink in accordance to your current level of sobriety. If you're completely smashed, SOBEaR will know to only pour you a drink from the bottle of cranberry juice in his right hand. Don't like the way he operates? Just replace the cranberry juice with some moonshine—let's see how long it'll take you drunks to figure that one out. [jmsaavedtra ]

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If anyone even THINKS of getting me this bear as a gift I will personally spay or neuter them!