Sodavalves Let You Seal Off Your Soda Like a Submarine Hatch

It's a dilemma faced by sugar-water drinkers the world over. If you screw a lid back onto a soda bottle too tight it can be almost impossible to open. Too loose, and you risk losing all the carbonation. But these clever Sodavalves solve both scenariosby providing extra leverage for opening and sealing a plastic bottle.


Available in two versions—designed to look like faucet handles, or the giant wheels used to seal off pipes and doors on a submarine—the Sodavalves are far easier to grip and turn than your standard plastic bottle caps. Which means you can seal a bottle tighter to minimize the slow leak of carbonation, but still easily open it the next time you're thirsty.

The replacement caps also allow a bottle to actually be stored upside-down, even a larger two-liter jug. They screw on tight enough to ensure the soda doesn't leak out, and storing a pop bottle upside-down results in the carbonation rising to the bottom of the bottle where there's no place for it to escape. So for around $10 the Sodavalves will keep your soda fizzy for longer, without imprisoning the caffeine you've come to rely on. [DesignMaster via designboom]

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