Solar Heater Built With Soda Cans

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While some of the highest technology in the world is being brought to bear on the problem of saving energy, here's a guy who painted 50 soda cans black, drilled holes in them, stacked them up inside a box he made out of two-by-fours and some plywood, and what do you know? Wafting out the top was air that's 15 degrees warmer than the air going into the bottom.


He vented that warm air from the top of this box into his garage and got himself a homemade solar heater that cost less than $50 to build. The same design can be used as a solar water heater, too. It's Yankee ingenuity at its best.

Almost free garage heat - just drink a lot of soda [Hemmings Auto Blogs]



Actually, I built something identical to this for a sixth grade science fair. (1982) I wish I could say I was some sort of child prodigy, but I had actually seen someone else using a concept like this previously, and just expanded the idea with a couple of fans to push the air through.

It worked fine, but you can not get enough air going through this to make it truly useful for heating anything more than a very small closet, I am afraid. Still, I think it was succesful for an award at my elementary school, which, at the time, was all I cared about.