Solar-Powered Cat Toy Taunts Your Feline Forever

Illustration for article titled Solar-Powered Cat Toy Taunts Your Feline Forever

If you'd rather your cats weren't shredding the furniture to pieces while you're away at work all day, you need a steady source of distraction to keep them occupied. And as long as you've got at least one window in your home, this solar-powered cat toy will keep them entertained and out of trouble. Mostly.


Just suction cup the toy's base to a window so that the solar cells can soak up as much light as possible, and it will do the rest by animating a dangling plastic ball and feathers. Your cat won't be able to resist it, unless, you know, it sees a flicker of light on the wall, or happens upon a dustball. But it's still $40 well spent if it helps preserve your expensive leather couch for even a day longer. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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I realize you are exaggerating for effect, but gawker must be paying it's writers a lot more than I thought if you think $40 a day is a reasonable price to pay to prevent your couch from cat attacks.