Click to viewA music aficionado/engineering genius has created this wonderful musical piece using just electromagnetic solenoids—devices that convert electricity into linear motion—placed next to different objects around the office, and a computer control program. The result is so good that it makes me want to drink caipirinhas, dance samba, or move to Rio de Janeiro. But since I just moved to New York and it's 11:30PM already, I will just do myself a caipirinha and watch the episode 1 season 2 of Californication. How to do a perfect caipirinha Ingredients • Cachaça (brazilian sugar cane liquor) • Cane sugar • Limes • Finely crushed ice Instructions • Get a glass, preferably one with a wide diameter and short (but I made them large myself) • Cut one full lime into eight sections. • Put the lime in the glass and cover with sugar (you can add more sugar later if it's too strong for you) • With a wood pestle (you can also use a metal one or any other instrument) mash the limes with the sugar until the juice and the sugar create a syrup. • Add the crushed ice until you top the glass (I crush it by hand, in a cloth) • Fill with cachaça to the top. • Stirred well with a spoon until the whole thing is mixed (if you have a cocktail steel glass, you can also shake it). • Taste and see if you need more sugar (add and mix again if needed). Enjoy one of the most delicious drinks in the world, perfect for a hot Sunday (which it is, here in my apartment in New York).


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