Illustration for article titled SOLiCharger Powers iPhones Through Every Means Under the Sun

The SOLiCharger is solar-chargeable lithium ion pack for your iPhone that can fill to capacity in four hours of sunlight.


Priced at $40 and available now, the SOLiCharger battery pack (left) is compatible with all of your standard iPhone charging options (AC, USB and car), but its big claim to fame is the ability to recharge itself via bundled solar panel (right).

The only catch is that the SOLiCharger contains only half the battery capacity of the iPhone, meaning that a theoretical 8 hours of sunlight would be needed to fill the iPhone entirely. But if you're stuck in the desert, your leg trapped under a rock, and just want to browse the NYTimes in your remaining time on earth, it seems like a feasible, decently-priced solution pending your blood loss is not too rapid. [SOLiCharger via Crave]


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